Learning Mathematics via Programming

This course is intended to introduce students to the mathematics of algorithms. The main idea of the course is learning mathematics using computer programming. The programing language used is Python, a powerful dynamic language favoured in science, engineering, and economics. The Python language is a flexible language that can handle any practical math problem, but is also suitable for students

This course is built on the course "Introduction To Game Programming".

Who is this course for?

This course is for students who intend to study engineering, science, or economics. The course will emphasize math concepts using a computer to solve problems.

In this course students will :

Improve their skills in programming with Python, learning to write their own programs and algorithms for solving math problems. Students will be Introduced to Science Libraries for writing and solving mathematical, scientific and engineering problems:

Student will be working on algorithms and mathematical problems according their levels of Math. Hands-on labs will be organized for each math concept, differentiated by level of difficulty.

Tools required:

Students must bring their own notebook computers to class. (It doesn't matter if the computer is Windows or Mac or Linux)






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